Friday, October 22, 2004

Say it loud: "I'm dumb and I'm proud!"

This afternoon, I had the pleasure of playing a spirited game of softball with some of my fellow students and professors in the English graduate department. While waiting for my turn to bat one inning, I noticed that the same early-90s model Toyota king-cab (with large American flags hanging from the windows) kept driving up and down the street. The backs of our cars were facing the street, and several us have Kerry bumper stickers. I noticed the driver kept screaming something, but it was illegible. Finally, as I waited to bat, he slowed down enough to deliver his insightful message:


(After that, we didn't see him pass by again. I guess street ideologues have lots of territory to cover.)

One of my professors, a man I've never really known to offer political comments, said to me, "Well, now I see where John Kerry's going to find the next bunch of recruits to go to Iraq." Isn't it the truth?

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thehim said...

Yeah, and they can drive pickup trucks around Iraq yelling at the insurgents to stop.