Thursday, October 28, 2004

Putting "race" in the race

Compassionate conservatism! Oh wait... Posted by Hello

Take a look at what fouled up my mailbox today! Before I even got around to reading the text, I knew immediately that this was a Republican attack ad. Review the checklist: picture of brown guy...check...with ragged clothes, a JanSport backpack and a gallon-jug of water...check...sitting in weeds...check...with a bunch of brave white anti-terror warriors surrounding the dark of night, if you know what I mean...check! Defying my relatively weak stomach, I dared to open this enlightening mailer:

The fourth guy looks particularly menacing Posted by Hello

Just who exactly is this ad supposed to target? Are people really so STUPID as to think that Mexicans are in any way, shape or form even remotely related to the terrorists? Man, who would be so dumb as to assume one group of people deserved to be attacked because of what another group did? Oops...maybe that's better left unanswered...

I'm particularly amused by the increasing use of scary terms: terrorists...drug traffickers...immigrants...welfare...illegal aliens...oh my! Right there in 48-point font for maximum fear value. Between this ad and the editorial two posts down, talking-point-obsessed Republicans are making this Halloween very scary indeed!

The voter misguide Posted by Hello

The back page is the best! It offers a highly informative voter guide. Before I read this, I had no idea that "Giving secret American intelligence reports to terror suspects" was a plank in the Kerry platform. So is "allowing our children to view violent, sexually explicit music and videos." Wow! Man, Dan Rather sure kept that chestnut a secret from us...

As a voter, I appreciate the reminder that John Kerry is a Massachusetts Senator. And how could I have made up my mind without knowing that George W. Bush's and David Vitter's conservative records are common-sense agendas for America? Man, I'm sure glad this brought me up to speed on the issues! If there's one thing you can trust in this increasingly prepackaged and uncivil political climate, it's the neutrally phrased and thorough authority of a nonpartisan voter guide. This one comes from the Ronald Reagan Republican Center, so I know it can be trusted because Reagan was, uh, a nice guy or something. What character!


Sarah said...
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Houston said...

That's more than sad, it's embarrassing. Somebody's playing to a very low common denominator.

OT, a little bit, but that was a great post where you endorsed Kerry. It does count, you know. We're all called to bear witness. You spoke well.


gambitch said...

Where I come from the candidates concentrate on selling what's so good about themselves rather than what's so bad about their opponents. I guess I'm in a minority...

On the other hand I suppose this is what happens when you have a straight two-party system where the two are overly finely balanced; it entrenches both so much that a third viable party has a hard time showing up, therefore kinda fossilizing the ones who are already around and reducing them to this kind of trick. I'm not so sure if Democrats are above this kind of tactics - but the fact is that the Republicans are not. And one party doing it is bad enough.