Thursday, October 28, 2004

Now HERE'S a shocker

Daily Advertiser endorses Bush for president

(With Republican talking points bloodied for your convenience)

Issue: His firm conviction and unwavering stand is needed in these tense times.

We Suggest: It is crucial that he continue to guide America.

It is our belief that George W. Bush should be re-elected on Nov. 2. Many factors have influenced our decision. Chief among them is our firm conviction that Bush, better than Sen. John Kerry, possesses the firm conviction and unyielding stance that is necessary to defeat or neutralize global terrorism. In returning him to the White House, America will send a signal that our resolve has not wavered and that we are united in our determination to track down and destroy those who would threaten our nation and do harm to our people.

[Here's something fun to do: Google that last sentence and see what you get! Hilarious.]

We believe also that the war in Iraq must culminate in a total liberation of the Iraqi people and the establishment of a democratic nation that will help to stabilize the volatile Middle East. We submit that the desired results in Iraq depend on staying the course set by President Bush, and on his continued leadership in pursuing that course.

We need also the continued leadership of President Bush in protecting our homeland. He has given us a unified Department of Homeland Security, unifying over 22 agencies and offices to expand the level of protection against terrorism. He has improved the government's ability to guard our borders, protect our infrastructure, and patrol our skies. He has reorganized the FBI into an agency focused on preventing domestic terrorism.

While the belief that he is best qualified to make our nation safe from terrorism is our primary reason for endorsing the president's campaign for re-election, there are many other reasons for supporting his candidacy.

We believe that the president has laid the groundwork for strong economic progress. The recession Bush inherited was among the shortest in history. He moved quickly and effectively to strengthen the economy and create jobs. Because of his leadership, taxpayer money was returned to the families, entrepreneurs, innovators, and investors who earned it.

His agenda for a second term includes more bold steps in education reform; the building of a skilled workforce, and establishing a fair and simpler tax system. He is committed to promoting research and development in both the public and private sectors and opening markets for American goods around the globe.

He has a workable plan for meeting our energy needs and lessening our energy dependence.

In the area of health care, Bush's strategy involves attacking the root causes of rising costs. His opponent would shift the costs to taxpayers or force Americans into restrictive government-controlled programs.

Contrary to the claims of opponents, the environment has improved during the Bush administration. We have cleaner air, more pure water, and of great importance to our area, the net loss of wetlands has been reversed.

Our decision to endorse the president's re-election campaign was also determined by examining the basic values of the two major candidates. George Bush, we believe, shares the core values of our area. With changes looming in the U.S. Supreme Court, those values could be at risk. Bush, with a commitment to appointment of justices who will strictly interpret the Constitution, will be able to protect and preserve them.

George Bush has an agenda for America. It is supported by viable plans and programs to keep America strong, safe from terrorism, and economically healthy. It is designed to make it easier for all of us to have a personal stake in the American dream and a share in the nation's economic prosperity. He is committed to strengthening our communities, standing by our families and protecting our values.

The first term of his presidency has been marked by immense challenges. He has met them head-on, never wavering, standing firm and resolute against problems and threats. We need his strength of character and unyielding resolve in the years to come. We urge our readers to vote for his re-election on Nov. 2.

Man...after reading that, I need to LIE down...


Nick said...

Yeah, that damn Republican controlled "Daily Advertiser." Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but I think I recall the same paper endorsing Kathleen Blanco, a Demcorat, for governor. I could be wrong, though. I don't get the paper.

Ian McGibboney said...

Nick, you ARE mistaken. Governor Blanco is a Democrat, not a Demcorat.

Rocco DiPippo said...

Kerry Will Win

By Wednesday morning, it will be clear that John Kerry is the next president. I won't pretend any expertise in making this call, so I won't go into an analysis of the individual state dynamics that will insure his victory: I'm not qualified to.
I think that momentum is Kerry's and this is reflected in the current polls. Barring some incredible event such as the capture of Bin Laden, he'll carry this momentum into Tuesday and win.(read the rest of the piece on my blog)

Flamingo Jones said...

"George Bush, we believe, shares the core values of our area." THAT one a scary-ass sentence. I feel for ya.

Ian McGibboney said...

It doesn't scare me so much. Every Republican in the universe likes to say that here. It's a template quote, and ultimately meaningless. I once appeared on live public-access TV against the head of the UL College Republicans, and he said something to that effect. I said, "Hold on a minute. Why is it you guys always say you're speaking for the majority? That's kind of a bold thing to say, isn't it? It seems like you'd be secure enough in your beliefs to not have to always say that they're the views held by most people, especially when they don't seem to be." He shut up and changed the subject.