Sunday, October 24, 2004

It's the Bush Economic Crapbook!

Oh Deere! Posted by Hello

This week I bring you the most immense caption contest ever...not one, not two, not three, but FOUR awesomely hilarious pictures for your commentating pleasure! Where does one find such a cornucopia of candid Bush moments? Why, from the big man himself! In what has to be the most ironically macabre election memento of the year, has assembled a collection of campaign pictures they call--no joke--The Jobs & Economy Photo Album! With pictures like these, who needs a Kerry campaign?

--"This reminds me of when I used to pretend to fly jets! Wheeee!"
--"Ah'm gonna take America in a new direction!"
--Introducing the new Sit-N-Spin...Bush sits, Rove spins
--"My daddy won in '88 because Mike Dukakis took a stupid picture just like this!"
--Bush tries to win the black vote by pimpin' his ride
--While Bush stayed the course, the woman secretly fingered the remote control
--When it came to taking dignified photos, Bush was green
--Bush takes away yet ANOTHER job from a real American
--"I sure love them Grand Theft Auto games!"
--"Well here we are, Makeout Motel, Room 69!"
--"Mr. Bush, you're a natural at this carny business!"
--Bush enjoyed his vacation to the rain forest
--Bush tests out the latest in troop transport that he won't bother to send the troops
--Bush takes one last spin at the wheel, heading to Lame-Duck Land
--"For the last time, George, won't you stop for directions?!!"


Michael said...

Whee! Look at me drive this big rig right off that cliff over there--just like I'm doing to the country!

Chrissy said...

--Introducing the new Sit-N-Spin...Bush sits, Rove spins

haha that's my fav

Phillip said...

Hey Tyrone go get me a Mountain Dew.

The Manning Report said...

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