Thursday, September 16, 2004

The "teammates" list takes fertility drugs

If you scroll down, you'll notice that the much-coveted list of blog teammates more than doubled in size from 12 to 25. After receiving two e-mails from bloggers today telling me they had found my site, I checked out, a great site that shows sites that have linked to yours. Out of my results I found some pretty cool sites, most of which mentioned this site in one way or another (and all of which have interesting angles on life). Here's a synopsis of the latest teammates of Not Right About Anything:

Alternative Energy News Blog: James from London delivers the latest scoop on all things relating to alternative fuel technologies. The compelling and thorough content includes news reports, research and photos of innovative energy sites all over the world. Daily proof that Halliburton will someday be gone with the wind.

American Ex: This blog is the work of Thomas McCay, an American expatriate living in Vancouver, British Columbia. He fled the United States in 1970 the avoid the draft, and since then has been observing political events from angles that us state-dwellers often miss. American Ex is a fine mix of current events and personal recollections told from the perspective of a generation that just might be repeating itself.

The Iraq War was Wrong Blog: Self-explanatory.

Blog Reload: This is the official blog of our old friend thehim, a consistent presence on Not Right. Good stuff here; he's never short of something to say or links to ponder.

Library Chronicles: Jeffrey from New Orleans shares his observations on life and the world. Sharp firsthand coverage of Hurricane Ivan shows that he is not only a keen observer but also
a crazy one. The best kind of blogger!

Suburban Manifesto: Alternative entertainment by Emily. This music-centered blog makes this list for its excellent blogroll and a particularly amusing post on gay marriage. Proof that the future might be in decent hands after all!

Heart Failure: Our good friend myoujou has been left off out of the teammate loop for far too long. Our Phoenix connection harps on all kinds of things. More importantly, she's good, especially with the pop-culture references that I thought only I still knew. She's such a nerd, and so am I, so there you go.

The Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy: If you haven't visited VLWC yet, you should.

Naked Furniture: Mary, a native Cajun now attending law school at Notre Dame, looks at law in the age of Bush Nation when she can stand to. I'm not sure where she is from exactly, but here in Lafayette we do (or did) have a store called "Naked Furniture." It had been called "Unpainted Furniture by Louise" up until a few years ago. Louise is apparently one kinky woman.

Occasional Thoughts of Jeff Davis: Whoa, come back! Relax, I'm not talking about THAT Jeff Davis! This Chicago-based blogger is a self-proclaimed "radical centrist." He actually defies the whole teammate/opponent thing, sounding at times equal parts Ann Coulter and Bill Clinton. He's also a "God-seeker" without the Pat Robertsonism that that often entails. I grant him teammate status because he generates well-thought-out posts on the successes and failures of both major political parties. That, and because he linked me entirely without provocation.

Musing's Musings: Another teammate blog that should have been included long ago, NRAA mainstay Michael regales us with his, uh, musings on politics and sports. Check him out, because he has good taste in politics, sports and (of course) blogs.

The Desperate Times: From sociable_solipsist (a cynical fourth-grade teacher in southeast Louisiana) and Flamingo Jones (a cynical one-time-teacher (?) who used to be in Louisiana) comes this blog. Their hilarious post on the top crush-worthy conservatives demands a look!

Liberal Coalition: A sort of all-star liberal blog, or at least a fledgling one. I say all-star because I don't post on it. I'm more like a mascot.

I'll admit that I was a bit disappointed in the glaring lack of recent anti-Ian entries out there. Guess I'll have to barnstorm some right-wing sites again as soon as I have some time. But I did manage to find one, and it's pretty good:

Spreading Understanding: The name makes me think of manure, which is actually kind of appropriate. This site is run by the Masked Truth out of three isn't bad, big daddy. Of all the liberal bloggers to trash and call "monkey" during the RNC, he chose me. Gee Wally, I'm flattered! Even if he did completely make up a quote to trash me. And you know what to expect from a blogger who uses the spelling "hippy" instead of "hippie." It's as if they all go to the same meetings...

I'm currently working on a new column that I will put out as soon as possible; it's pretty late as it is. It's going to be pretty decent, I think. Until then, please give these guys and girls a visit. I'll talk to you all again soon!


Michael said...

Aww, shucks. I like reading good blogs. Yours is good. QED.

Jeff D. said...

Ian, appreciate the link, but Ann Coulter? Come on, man, give me some credit!!

Ian McGibboney said...


My bad, my bad, MY BAD!! I did not intend to lump you with that mound of manure. It's just that I was having trouble coming up with an equivalent right-wing voice of reason. Not that you are even ever that right-leaning. Hyperbole, man, that's my only conceivable excuse. So sorry...guess I'll have to read you more now, which is always the point, right?