Sunday, September 12, 2004

Something about this doesn't fly

Bush claimed to be sky-high in 1978

Lying about flying on his flyer Posted by Hello

Democratic Underground has broken a story as surprising as it is, well, not surprising. The above clip comes from a newspaper ad for Dubya's 1978 bid for U.S. Congress. The underlined portion brags not only about Bush's TANG service (itself up for dispute), but also his proud service in the U.S. Air Force! Wha--?

Damn, it's been hard enough tracking down people to verify Bush's service in the Alabama National Guard in 1972-73! Now we have to debunk this lie also? Jeez, George, we have enough ammo already, thanks...

See the extensive thread, along with the full ad, here. For even more great fun, view the full-size copy and pretend you're a Texan in 1978, reading the newspaper and discovering the thrills of George W. Bush for the first time.


sociable_solipsist said...

Mr. McGibboney, I've been enjoying reading your blog for several weeks now. Today, when I went to a Louisiana state Democratic Party volunteer organizing event in Baton Rouge where the field directors in Lafayette said they had been having a hard time finding people in the area who could help. Based on your wit and eloquence, I'm sure you'd be a huge aid provided that you'd be interested. If you are . . . send me an e-mail:

Ian McGibboney said...


Call me Ian. Thanks for the compliments; I do my best and always appreciate feedback. I like what you and Flamingo have going on as well.

As for the party question: though in the past I have done so, I am unfortunately not currently able to align myself directly with a campaign right now. School and my four (!!) part-time jobs get in the way of all things fun. One those jobs (two if you count my liberal-writing gig for my college paper) is as a reporter for a state newspaper. Journalists often get heat for appearing impartial. Recall the crap Dan Rather got for speaking at a Democratic Party fundraiser arranged by his daughter. Or the entire Fox News cartel!

Anyway, I've always felt that I am a much better writer than I am a direct-action, door-to-door, phone-calling type. As you caught, I feel most effective in reaching people through the written word, as I do to 17,000 people every week. I bet I could give you a kickass John Kerry speech! And for those who don't like to read, I have a Kerry bumper sticker in a prominent place on my (fuel-efficient, non-SUV) truck.

As always, keep up the good fight! I will endorse you all the way to the White House.

Hegemon said...

Hey Mcgibbonface are you going to do a followup with the evidence that he did in fact serve in the air force?

Or are you waiting for the DU to issue new talking points?

RightMakesRight said...

Love the site, great to see what the "other side" is thinking written so well.

My only comment about this clip is that there is a great similarity to Mr. Kerry listing himself as serving in the Navy when he was also only in the Navy Reserves (he was still technicly a reservist even during his four months in Vietnam). Potato, po-TAH-to. Maybe guys who write articles for both campaigns (one of which was in the seventies and the other is now) just made a mistake. I'll give Kerry a pass if you will give Bush a break on an ad he probably didn't right from thirty years ago. Anyway, great site and good to see some more Louisiana folks on the Blog (I went to LSU).


Ian McGibboney said...

From the "miserable failure" page(aka the George W. Bush online bio):

"He received a bachelor's degree from Yale University in 1968, then served as an F-102 fighter pilot in the Texas Air National Guard. President Bush received a Master of Business Administration from Harvard Business School in 1975."

The document to which you linked says that he served in the Air Force Texas National Guard, if such a thing even exists as one unit. That's certainly different than saying you served in two different branches of the military back-to-back, as Bush implied in his ad. Kerry, as far as I know, hasn't lied like that. Shrapnel doesn't lie.

RightMakesRight said...

Respectfully, he does say that he did "two tours of duty" when he was only in country in actual danger for three months (the first of the four was training). This is the shortest duty of any Swift Boat veteran. The "first tour" was in California or on a ship 100 miles away from Vietnam. Again, Kerry says this himself within the last couple of weeks and Bush probably didn't write the ad, which is thirty years old. Also, Bush did actually fly actual airplanes and volunteered for a program that would have put him in Vietnam as a pilot. Is it his fault they didn't accept him?