Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Paper Cuts

Yesterday was a great day for firing up the scanner, because of the great stuff that people put to paper. My daily ritual of going through the motions--school, Job One, falling asleep at Job Two, putting off Job Three and fretting about this weekend's Job Four--was appreciably enriched by the interesting things I picked up along the way:

You get what you pay for Posted by Hello

Few publications are thinner than a job guide in a Bush economy. Except, perhaps, for the following:

--Republican War Heroes
--Middle East Peace: A Timeline, 30,000,000 BCE to 2004
--Valid Arguments of the Religious Right
--Down-to-Earth Sorority Girls
--The FCC List of Acceptable Content
--Stuff Dubya Knows

After school and Job One, I drove to Job Two, my bi-weekly government beat, in the neighboring parish. Their budget sheet offered an interesting answer to the question, "How country is this place?"

The beating was free of charge Posted by Hello

After filing the story half an hour ahead of my 9:15 deadline (which, thanks to Hotmail, is still out in the cyberspace ether someplace), I grabbed tomorrow's edition of The Vermilion. In addition to the fine column "Uzi, can you see...," which is still drawing heated comments from Carl P...

"Liberal thinking is flawed and I intend to prove it." Posted by Hello

...There was this picture!

Now THERE'S a thought... Posted by Hello

Kudos to The Vermilion for actually acknowledging a curse word for the first time in three-and-a-half years, even if it didn't have the cojones to print out the entire "F." They're making strides.

So that was my day. Now go comment on the Uzi thread or something.


Phillip said...

what would the short answer to that question be

Phillip said...

i love it - anti-bush vandalization. maybe in response to the trashing of the laf. dem. headquarters?

another short list - current gov. officials who served in the military

Kyle said...

An even shorter list; Kerry's accomplishments in the Senate.

Nick said...


1. How come all you liberals say the economy and the 5.6% umemployment rate under Bush is horrible, yet, praised Clinton and raved about how great the economy was when the rate was the same during his re-election campaign?

2. Did you know that when you become self-employed and start filing a 10-90 Tax Form rather than the W2, you don't register w/ the government as employed for 1-2 yrs? I didn't know that either until a self-employed roofer of mine told me that. And, b/c of the decline in company loyalty, more people are becoming self-employed these days, such as I did after college. Therefore, the government may have people like me or people who left companies to become self-employed classified as a job lost in their counts.

Now, if you ask me, those two things kind of make your arguement of a horrible and doomy economy seem kind of weak. Then again, what would a conservative such as myself who is seeing first hand businesses and individuals thrive in the last couple years know about how the current economy is doing?