Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Paper cuts suck

Today heralded the Sept. 29 issue of The Vermilion. To rip off a phrase from Highlights Magazine, what's wrong with this picture? (Hint: something here is a little short.)

What was the layout artist smoking? Posted by Hello

The layout has been iffy since the beginning of the summer, when a new layout artist took over, but this is the worst thing yet. I confronted the managing editor (my immediate boss, though he's still finishing the degree I already have) about it, and he told me that that was exactly how he received it in the e-mail. His claim, although he seemed genuinely convinced of it and seemed to feel bad, misses a few things:

1) The middle text is missing, not the beginning or end
2) The e-mail in which I'd sent him the article, which I had also sent myself and kept, was completely intact when I checked it again this afternoon
3) No one seemed to find anything suspicious in the fact that my column was 492 words instead of the usual 600-ish
4) No attempt was made to contact me about this omission
5) As much as I like to play with language, I never really aspired to coin a new word, "ashtpolitics"

Reader's Digest's condensers were starting to lose it Posted by Hello

At least this wasn't as bad as that famous September 2003 gaffe. Now THAT was an ordeal! As for the fact that my face looks like George Hamilton's after a third-degree burn, well, that might top everything.

Oh well. I'm sure it still made the point. Hopefully. The saddest thing is, I doubt anyone will even notice that 115 words are missing. At least they'll be able to read the whole thing here.

UPDATE! Evidently, the usual cartoon, "Grey," that accompanies the column was also snubbed this week in favor of another one. I suspected this, but wasn't entirely sure until tonight, when the cartoonist pointed out to me that it had been replaced. I thought his style seemed different! After seeing the panel they left out, I got mad, because it is GOOD! The Vermilion may not have liked it, but I did, so here it is:

Cartoon by Robert Guillory Posted by Hello

Being censored for content is one thing, but being censored by incompetence is another. The first is more fun, at least.


Nick said...

Aww...poor Icon, the "conservative media bias" got to him.

Don't you know that the two major papers: NY Times and LA times are controlled by your liking, or are they not liberal enough for you? Personally, I always felt that if "Grey" was going to accompany you, then they ought to have allowed me more words in my column. Hell, you had a cartoonist accompany you. I was standing by myself. Oh well, you know that "conservative" bias.

Ian McGibboney said...

Yeah, because the New York Times and the Los Angeles Times are just breaking down my door. I'll just have to wait until the next liberal-media meeting to see them again, I guess.

You and John Hinson are both resentful of the fact that Robert Guillory just happens to agree with me on most things. While it is true that he styles his political panels on my columns, that in no way implies that either one of us has any creative control over the other. That's simply not true. Back in 1998-99, Keith Guidry usually drew that political panel, almost always agreeing with his best friend, conservative columnist Scott Vige. Did I take that as an affront? No. It's also not evidence of a vast right-wing conspiracy. It is what it is, three peoples' opinions.

To be honest, my work would stand up just fine on its own without any illustration. I think the same is true for Rob's work as well. To think that we're banding together to plot against you is ridiculous. Grow up.

Nick said...

You know, I think I have grown up recently. I'm actually out in the business world and seeing for myself that the economy is not nearly as bad as yall no the left are trying to paint it.

Ian McGibboney said...

Yeah, but you work in the OIL industry!

Phillip said...

It's easy to say the economy is great when you're working. And a job and age do not a grown-up make.

Nick said...

Yes, I do work in the oil industry. However, a big part of my job is meeting and negotiating with people of ALL professions. I have many friends who recently graduated and most are having no problem finding a job, and that's with the fact that Louisiana's current economy sucks. And wait, our state is controlled vastly by a majority of Democrats. Meanwhile, Republican controlled TX and even freakin' MISSISSIPPI is kicking our butts in economic growth and prosperity.

Also, about trying to debunk my argument b/c I'm in the oil industry, I provide a service, one that can be provided for oil companies, banks, mortgagors, etc. So sue me for being smart enough to know where to branch out for now. I went out, basically starting my own little buisness and w/in a few months already had brokers calling me, though I'm happy w/ where I'm at for now. I know I'm going to be in for rough times down the road, as being self-employed is never easy. However, I'm not waiting and asking for the gov't to "create" a job for me. Also, the brokers who I depend on for work are the "rich" who benifited from Bush's tax cuts. If not for those cuts, I wouldn't be doing as well as I am right now.