Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Lone Stars against lunacy

The newspaper that see before you has declared its endorsement of John Kerry in 2004. I know, I know, liberal media, right? What paper is this? The Liberal-Commie Tribune? Hippie Weekly? Flip-Flop Illustrated? The Pinko Pulp? The Un-American Non-Patriot?

Guess Bush won't bother stumping THERE! Posted by Hello

Let's flip it over and find out!

Damn liberal media...Texans! Posted by Hello

That's right: The Lone Star Iconoclast, a weekly newspaper based in Crawford, Texas, has reversed its 2000 Bush endorsement to support John Kerry in 2004!

True, the Iconoclast has only been around for four years. And its circulation is only 425 (out of a big population of 751). Still, though, it's Crawford we're talking about here. Texas has something of a reputation for Bush worship (a well-deserved one at that, if my personal experience in the state is any indicator), so to see Crawford's only newspaper challenge its most famous resident is comforting. Kerry support keeps coming out of the most unlikely places.

Cheyenne, we're still waiting...


Hegemon said...

Irrelevant, Texas will still go overwhelmingly to Bush.

the article should be title "Podunck paper endorses Kerry"

I think more telling is the fact that in a town of only 750 people, where they are the only newspaper, 325 don't even bother to read them.

Michael said...

You see, Tommy, there's this fabulous new thing called the internet. I don't have to subscribe to my local fish-wrapper to read it: I can do it online for free, and I don't have to recycle the paper. Better yet, I can read all the good newspapers I want without having to pay for them, and thereby get all the news that the local fish-wrapper would never, ever consider putting on its pages.

But it might interest you to know that Crawford, Texas, is not exactly a bastion of Bush-lovin' folk. (A) They're mostly Democrats--as is their representative in Congress. (B) Bush ain't from around there, and that doesn't sit well with the locals. (C) They all know that as soon as he hands over the keys to the White House to John Kerry, that "ranch" is going to go up on the market.

Ian McGibboney said...

Tom, it is the very qualities that you mentioned--the small size of the town and the fact that only half the town bothers to read--is what gives the impression that Crawford is a Republican area. If it indeed isn't, as Michael says, then good for them.

I already knew that Bush bought that ranch (the only one he's ever owned) sometime around 1999-2000, and that it is solar-powered and uses recycled water. The fact that he chose to place it in an area full of folk who don't like him further illustrates just how phony the man can get.

Hegemon said...

I could really care less about a podunk city in a state that's already going to Bush, did you hear Bush and Kerry are tied in polls in NJ? New fucking Jersey! Kerry ain't winning dick by losing ground big in states that are historically Democratic.

Ian McGibboney said...

The only numbers I care about are those on Nov. 2. Why? Because numbers can be manipulated.

Phillip said...

george bush's true home state, connecticut, as everyone knows, doesn't seem to like him either. kerry is ahead in connecticut by 15 points. polls are meaningless though (except gallop, who likes to poll mostly republicans and give bush double-digit leads when everyone else says they're tied).

and if you consider new jersey up for grabs, then you should alsoo consider arkansas, south carolina, and west virginia as swing states.

it's all moot. polls mean nothing, kerry will win.

Hegemon said...

I love this, all year long the din from the left has been "lol his poll numbers are sinking BUSH IS TOAST!!" but now that the American public has seen what a dud Kerry is suddenly it's "Oh polls don't matter, get me a latte". Good 'ol Head-in-the-sand Democrats, been a while since we've seen you - nice to have you back.

Phillip said...

you are so correct, we NEVER see conservatives varying their opinion of polls depending on who is ahead. it's always the damned democrats! they are also always the ones badmouthing our president while we say nothing derogatory about john kerry. those bastards!

and i personally have never insinuated polls were indicative of anything.

do you not like coffee and milk? is that supposed to be an insult?

and in truth, your "head-in-the-sand" democrats are the only ones who recognize fact and substance and don't arbitrarily lap up hapless emotion and foundless, ridiculous generalizations and blatant lies because a C student tells them to.

Nick said...

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