Monday, September 13, 2004

Caption time again!

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My sister brought me this gem from school. I kind of put her up to it, actually, daring her to steal one for Not Right About Anything (well, okay, for me too). She tells me that these are all over campus.

And what's a great flyer without a Kirk Cameron reference? I like the implication about how you'll face the apocalypse if you don't join the Conservative Club. Especially if you have the nerve to join on Sept. 1, you HEATHEN!!

And just in case you're wondering...yes you are...there is no Liberal Club. Though there is, amusingly enough, a Patriotism Club! Wow, man, peer pressure was bad enough in high school when all we had was the Young Republicans! Which had Democrats in it too. Don't ask.


Michael said...

Reminds me of the slogan the College Republicans at the university where I work (and go to graduate school) sometimes add to the announcements of their meetings chalked on blackboards around campus: "Join us now or work for us later." I guess the concept of "hubris" is just not to be found in the Republican mindset.

Liz "the Biz" said...

Wow, that really gives me hope for the future of america.

Kyle said...

The liberals may not have a club, but they sure don't have to pledge to the flag if they feel "uncomfortable". Does her school celebrate "diversity"? Yay Jesus!

Ian McGibboney said...

"Join us now or work for us later!"

"Join us now"...good ol' boy system
"or work for us later"...we make evil bosses

"Hubris" might not be in their vocabulary, but "hidden truth" seems to be making some headway.

Phillip said...

you should make several copies of this picture: from murph's website and put it up all over the place.... maybe on windshields during church functions

Ian McGibboney said...

What you then do is perch yourself in a tree with a camera and photograph the churchgoers' reactions, and then post THOSE all over the blogosphere!

Michael said...

I'm not sure you could post those photographs, Ian. I'm sure there's something somewhere about not being allowed to distribute photographs of people as their heads explode.