Saturday, September 18, 2004

Caption madness

Dumb other truckers! Posted by Hello

This week's caption contest is just screaming for puns on the words "drive." Here's a few (drive-free) tries of my own:

--Texas debuts the nation's first "Driver's Special Ed" program
--"This truck gits 8 malls per gallon. You lack that, don't ya Dick?"
--Poor George mistook his a/c vent for a paper shredder again
--Bush stays the course on the narrow road without looking ahead
--"This here's that road I been tellin' you about, the one paved with good intentions."
--"Race ya, Dick!"
--"Damn, dropped mah beer again..."
--Casting call for the new Mad Max sequel
--"My way or the highway!"


Joe said...

"Has anybody seen the Middle East road map?"
"No Mr. President, we've seem to have lost it."


"Why don't you hand me those pretzels from the back seat?"

Okay, that one is mean. Like to read your blog Ian!

Michael said...

Two men, one truck, three DUI's--and a row of hedges to the right...

Phillip said...

i like the jon stewart (i think) metaphor about him driving us straignt into a brick wall, although he did it without blinking so people like him.

Ian McGibboney said...

Yes, I've been called a flip-flopper because I wear contact lenses that occasionally dry.

oyster said...

Why is that couple on the other side of the highway screaming "You're going the wrong way!"?

Ian McGibboney said...

And why is Bush wearing red, holding a pitchfork and laughing like the devil?

Liz "the Biz" said...

Tonight... on world's wildest police videos...

Kyle said...

Bush: Hey Dick, that I get that filthy hippie?
Cheney: Sure did! You got an extra 15 points for knocking his shoes off!
Bush: Awesome! One less Kerry voter and welfar vampire to deal with.

Ian McGibboney said...

You know, Carl, I think that's exactly what Newsweek quoted them as saying. Except that they spelled "welfare" correctly.

Kyle said...

Yeah, I know. They pay me for my witty comedy. Thanks for pointing out the spelling mistake.