Friday, August 20, 2004

It's party time!

On my latest trek to check an ongoing debate thread at Weak and Wrong, I finally noticed a "reply":

At 2:33 PM, Kaiser said...
I agree carl. I wish that my Blog had your traffic.

Jealous Kaiser

Well, I'm all about giving airtime to other political blogs, so why not? Check out Kaiser's realm, the Black War Party! The Party, which doesn't appear to be Black in the traditional Dave Chappelle kind of way, bills itself as "A new Party that is not afraid to fight, will not be intimitated and will end terrorism. Black Party. The terror will end." Which is clearly good, because if there's one thing that neither major political party ever addresses, it's fighting terrorism.

The Black War Party outlines its political platform in a concise list anyone can understand. One post clears it all up:

Black War Party's Stance on Issues:
1: No abortion
2: No gun control
3: No tax hikes
4: No gay marrige
5: Pro War On Terror
6: Pro Nation Building
7: Tight macro/micro economic policy
8: Pro Capital Punishment

Naturally, such a party line begs the question posed by the post's lone comment:

Teith said...

I'm sure there is a party that already has all these views/agenda.

7:08 PM

I think Teith has a point on this one. But don't despair! Because while it doesn't directly say so, the Black War Party does have additional principles that set it apart. And based on the contents of its blog, those principles apparently include:

1) Atrocious spelling and grammar

"Political Ad's...New Admin's...Well, it is that time oy the year. Elction time. The time that the two major party's role out the heavy weaponry...The Black Party is a pure unadaulderated organization without any baggae...New Beginng"

2) An apparent inability to distinguish John Kerry from Bob Kerrey

3) A complete lack of party unity among its four or five members

Join the party today! It's easy! Even if you don't wish to join, Kaiser wants you to know that anyone can post with the login "warkaiser" and the password "kaiser"! Now what other blog lets you do that, huh? Do the Republicans? The Democrats? Even Not Right About Anything? Nope! Just the Black War Party! THE party for you!


Michael said...

I'm sure there is a party that already has all these views/agenda.Can't be the Repugs (at least not under the Shrubbery): they flunk on nos. 6 and 7. Maybe the Constitution Party? Natural Law? Standing at the Back Dressed Stupidly and Looking Stupid Party?

Teith said...

You rock.
No, I mean it.

oyster said...

I'd love to learn what the "Black" refers to.

Ian McGibboney said...

When I saw the name "Black War Party," I immediately thought of Charles Manson and Helter Skelter. The Manson Family had a version of that idea, if I recall.

Anonymous said...

Dude, chapelle rocks... IM RICK JAMES bITCH! FUCK YO couch NIGGA!