Monday, August 16, 2004

Hilton Watch

Paris protege Nicky, 20, marries...wait, WHAT?!!

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Yes, that's right! The up-until-now sane half of the Hilton sex empire has tied the knot with some much-older dude. And they say it's gays who are ruining the sanctity of marriage...

The less famous, younger sister of the reality-TV star wed boyfriend Todd Andrew Meister in a night-owl ceremony Sunday in Las Vegas.

It is the first quickie Sin City ceremony for Nicky Hilton, 20.

Don't you just feel the faith that the press has for the duration of this marriage? Myself included?

There has been no word if the 33-year-old Meister, described as a "scenester" and a "socialite" (by the New York tabloid press) and a "money manager" (by the Hilton camp), has done the ring exchange previously.

Thirteen years apart? Somebody's gold-digging here, but which one?

While allowing that Meister has been portrayed as a man-about-town by the New York media, Mintz said the Harvard Business School graduate is a substantial person. "He is not the drummer of a rock 'n' roll group that's breaking up."

Man, is that damning with faint praise or what?!! Sounds a lot like what they say about Bush! E! Online reports that Meister was back at work today. Which doesn't speak much of his priorities, evidently. I mean, look at her! And look at him!

The half-sexiest couple alive! Posted by Hello

Of course, even though the wedding took place at 2:30 a.m. at the Vegas Wedding Chapel, Paris was the only other Hilton at the ceremony and the event had not been announced, Nicky spokesperson Elliot Mintz insists that the event had some semblance of class to it:

Per Mintz, any resemblance between this wedding and Britney Spears' 55-hour Vegas debacle last January is purely coincidental.

"This is a real, serious, meaningful, loving relationship--not spur of the moment," rep Elliot Mintz said of Hilton and Meister to E! "[The wedding] was treated with great sobriety and seriousness."

This whole thing rates about a 9.0 on my dumb-crap-o-meter. Still, I wish the newlyweds well. At least until it gets old.


Phillip said...

sorry ian, but i see a hilton photo and just can't read that entry. i'm on a hilton diet - and my life is much better as a result.

oyster said...

33 minus 20 equals "Eleven years apart?"

Ian McGibboney said...

Fuzzy math. I'm going to change it. I was actually told about this before, but I glanced it over and missed where I had written it. Dummy.

Ian McGibboney said...


I'm not obsessed with the Hiltons either, but I do think that any 20-year-old is messing up by getting married. I also figured that no one on the religious right is going to be denouncing this Britney-clone marriage, because the impulsive Vegas ceremony was not homosexual. How dumb! Thus, the entry.

Phillip said...

i've sworn off that sugar-pop culture entirely....the e! channel and the entertainment tonights and access hollywoods... they all enrage and depress me so i avoid the subject entirely.