Friday, August 20, 2004

Dumb letter of the day

Lafayette resident gives us reasons to elect Bush president!

War in Iraq is right for America
August 21, 2004

Whoa, horsey! But is war on Iraq good for IRAQ? Wasn't that the whole point? Now to begin the actual letter...

I am writing to ask that each of you consider voting for President Bush in November.

Um, no.

The President has taken aggressive, necessary action to hunt down terrorists and to transform the countries of the Middle East into democracies.

Wow! Are you a PR major?

The war in Iraq was a necessary choice for three reasons. First, the war moved the battlefield from America to the Middle East and changed the combatants from American civilians to the American military. In Iraq, both Iraqi terrorists and other Arab terrorists can easily blend with the Iraqi population and take their shots at Americans on their own soil. When American soldiers die, we all mourn and grieve with their families. We all greatly appreciate their sacrifice and service. Yet they are our military, trained and equipped to fight. Those civilians who died on Sept. 11 were not. Thus, the war in Iraq has moved the battlefield to the Middle East and helped to keep our cities and civilians safe.

Let me see if I have this straight: War on Iraq is good because 1) it's better than war here in the States and 2) because revenge is so much sweeter when you're in a foreign land and you can use the racist excuse, "They all look alike to me," to kill Iraqis indiscriminately. What do you have to say about Bush's insistence that the war on Iraq is good for Iraqis? You seem to despise all Iraqis.

Secondly, democracies must be established in the Middle East and the Middle East must become economically and culturally linked to the rest of the world. The anti-West propaganda of oppressive dictatorships and extremist theocracies has allowed the Middle East to become a breeding ground for terrorists for decades.

The anti-East propaganda of oppressive pseudo-democracies has not helped either. Oh, and Iraq wasn't the terrorist-breeding mecca (sorry) it is now until Bush's actions made it so. Nice!

Only open debate, a free press, and schools free of anti-American indoctrination will stem that tide.

And if it works there, we might try it HERE!

Further, only police forces that are not controlled by extremist clerics or dictators will be willing to hunt down those responsible for acts of global terrorism.

Them, and Bush too!

Thirdly, our own state police forces and intelligence agencies are doing a great job of discovering and stopping terrorist plots on our soil. But as we all know, if you’ve got an ant infestation, squashing the few ants that make it into your home won’t get rid of the problem. You’ve got to go out into the yard and get rid of the ant piles.

Well, you certainly don't go burn down your neighbor's house, do you?

Afghanistan and Iraq may be only the first two steps in a long struggle to bring democracy to the Middle East.

A prospect that I'm sure has you drooling with lust!

But I ask you to...

Wait for it...

...stay the course with the president,

Woo hoo!

and to continue to pray for our troops as they fight to secure our long-term freedom.

Jordan Abshire


©The Lafayette Daily Advertiser
August 21, 2004

I like how the Daily Advertiser copyrights the letter. Like virtually all of the content in it didn't come straight from the Bush campaign.

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Phillip said...

i read that letter in the advertiser yesterday and thought about how every sentence of that letter made no sense in its inaccuracy. gee ian, sounds like someone needs to refute that letter in a submission to the advertiser of his own? just a thought :O)