Saturday, July 17, 2004

Saturday sports link

You may have never heard of the National American Football League. Formed in 1999, the NAFL's motto is "For the love of the game." More than 90 teams play in 22 separate divisions. Who plays on all of these teams? Anyone who wants to play football at some post-school level and has the drive to do so. The league offers inexpensive Saturday-night football action and a chance to support a genuine grassroots sports league. If you have a local team (and, chances are, you do), check them out! The NAFL offers opportunities to players and coaches that wouldn't otherwise be available in the age of multi-million-dollar salaries.
My local team is the Louisiana Swamp Gators, who are in their inaugural season. They are coached by former UL Lafayette standout Keno Davis, and I am their videographer (an unbeatable combination!)
Check out the NAFL site and support community football. While you're there, stop by the discussion board. They even have a thread on Fahrenheit 9/11!
Tonight the Swamp Gators travel to New Orleans to play the Louisiana Hurricanes. See you on the field.


oyster said...

I'll be rooting for the Hurricanes, although I hate that moniker and just learned of their existence from your post.

Cool gig, though.

Ian McGibboney said...

Well, Oyster, your ill-named team won 21-14 after the Swamp Gators all but evaporated in the second half. That's okay, though because 1) it was our first defeat (we're 2-1) and 2) we clobbered them in the first game on June 26.

Zachary said...

very awesome blog. i'll be checking it out often.