Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Repubs err on Edwards, part 2

In your face, Rush!  Posted by Hello

This screen capture was taken from, where it was preserved on, then posted on, where I got it. I saw it for myself on Rush's site late yesterday, where the story around it had been changed. The photo's since been removed altogether from his home page.

Compare this photo to the real one in the entry below. The one above clearly shows evidence of photoshopping, and mediocre photoshopping at that (note Edwards' thumb and left shoulder)! I have done better manipulation work in two minutes. And what exactly was Rush trying to prove by having Edwards' hand in Kerry's face? Something, probably.

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oyster said...

It seemed obvious to Rush, with the caption: "This says it all". That Edwards effaces Kerry? Takes center stage? What?

How about a picture of meds or divorce papers-- doesn't that say it all?