Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Louisiana loves its yankees

Here in Louisiana, we're barraged with daily news that paints us as a "conservative" state. That might be true, being that most of the state is, well, north Louisiana (think "Footloose") with New Orleans thrown in for balance. Lafayette, in the heart of south/Cajun Louisiana, is a bridge connecting the two polar-opposite regions, if such a thing can possibly exist. These conservative commentators often forget that Louisiana is probably the least cohesive state in the South and often swings the vote (LA went for Clinton in both 1992 and 1996).

(True story: on election night 1996, my friend--and, at the time, virtually my only outwardly liberal friend--attended a game of our local hockey team. At some point during the game, the announcer relayed the news that Clinton had taken Louisiana. My friend jumped up, pumped his fist, and screamed "YEAH!" while 11,000 other people ferociously booed. He said he was THE ONLY ONE who showed any support. I've always wondered how Louisiana made the smart choice with so many Republicans in the state...but anyway...)

So today I was not at all surprised to see a below-the-fold front-page story in our local newspaper entitled, "Bush builds on his lead in Louisiana." Nothing shocking there. But I couldn't help but laugh/gasp when I saw this statement:

“Louisiana is listed as a battleground state, but it’s definitely a state that is leaning to Bush,” Kennedy said. “Louisiana voters are just not likely to vote for someone from Massachusetts.”

Really? Well, we sure did vote in a miserable failure from New Haven, Connecticut! I mean, as long as we're doing the New England thing, let's at least do it right!


Nick said...

I don't like Yankees. Going out with 2 of them was 2 too many. Besides, they can't cook worth crap.

Ian McGibboney said...

You went out with two of the Yankees? At the same time? Was it Derek Jeter and A-Rod? Perhaps Gary Sheffield and Ruben Sierra...how'd you get those digits?