Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Hope within the Bush family?

I'll take L over W anyday  Posted by Hello

Meet Lauren Bush. She is the daughter of Neil Bush of SNL...oops, S&L fame. She is the first cousin to everyone's favorite tipsy twins, Barbara and Laura. She is around 19 and is a Tommy Hilfiger model. I've seen a picture of her strumming a guitar, so I assume she's into music as well.

As much research I've done on her (and believe me, it was a grind), I have found nothing about any political views she might hold. Is she just another Bush babe, or could she be another Ron Reagan? Wouldn't it kick ass if she would speak out against environmental damage or something? "I'm a Bush against Bush!"

Can anybody clue me in here?


Anonymous said...

It's funny you're worried about environmental damage. Why don't you condemn Saddam for all of the damage he did? Besides burning all of the oil wells in Kuwait when we kicked his ass out of there, do you remember when he damned to rivers to dry up the SE Iraq marshes? Or is environmental damage only noticed when a Republican can be blamed? You LLLs are so predictable!


Ian McGibboney said...

Is my criticism of Bush somehow incomplete if I don't always tack on "and Saddam was bad also"?

Most conservatives have the debate framed as Bush vs. Hussein; therefore, if I don't like Bush then somehow I am defending Saddam. Where does that come from? And since when are Saddam's heinous actions suitable justification for Bush's heinous actions? Are we sinking that low now?

Ian McGibboney said...

Oh, and another thing Chico,

What does "LLL" stand for? That must be a new insult, but I didn't get the latest Rush/GOPAC fax yet so I can't be sure.

Josh said...

We didn't vote for Saddam (or an opponent of his, for that matter), and he never threatened the environment on American soil. Bush, on the other hand, is someone we also didn't vote for (insert comment on the need for reform of the electoral college here), but who HAS threatened the U.S. environment -- he proposed to drill for oil in the ANWR, and his solution for cutting down on forest fires is to allow people to cut down more trees. Sometimes, it is OK to take care of things at home first.

Ian McGibboney said...


I have a column in the works that will demolish the electoral college. For the sake of timing, I'm going to delay its publication until closer to the election. But I'll put it up here first.

Oh, and to add something to your list...I'm reading now about how Iraqi soldiers are being given top-of-the-line Glock pistols and other soldier gear, while U.S. soldiers are doing without.

oyster said...

For the record, she's one hot Bush.

I like your responses Ian, and will be looking forward to the electoral college column. As of now, I'm rather for it-- despite the awful taste in my mouth the past four years.

Ian McGibboney said...

Trust me, it's good dirt. But being the good citizen you are, oyster, it might not be new to you. What are your reasons for liking it? I could use some sound counterbalance.