Thursday, July 15, 2004

Ditka to not run for Senate

Amid much speculation over the past few days, former NFL head coach Mike Ditka has officially decided not to run for the open U.S. Senate seat in Illinois. The seat had recently been abandoned by Jack Ryan (R-Ill.--an ill Republican) after polls showed that, in light of his sexcapades, even Osama bin Laden would beat him.
I can't say I blame him; his last campaign wasn't all that good. Fellow New Orleans Saints fans know exactly what I mean. Remember when Ditka rolled in on a bus with a giant mural declaring, "Now it's made of IRON"? Remember how great we all felt in the summer of 1997 when Ditka announced that the Saints were going to the Super Bowl in his first year there? Damn, that was awesome.
But then 1997 came. And 1998. And 1999. Then, about five minutes after the 1999 season ended, the Saints had a new coach--Jim Haslett. And Ditka had a new job at ESPN. Ditka's withdrawal is probably the best thing to happen both for himself and the people of Illinois.
Oh, and he's supposedly not even registered to vote in Illinois. Oops. Oh well...that never stopped Rush Limbaugh (proud voter since 1986)!


oyster said...

Ew. Depressing recap of the Mike Ditka Experience... of course any review of him with the Saints would be.

Sweet Limbaugh zinger!

Ian McGibboney said...


Trust me, the recap could have been worse. Much worse, except that I had to run.

I'll put it this the end of the Saints-Browns game in 1999, I was at a bowling alley waiting to pick up my little sister at a birthday party. I was sitting there waiting quietly while a TV showed the game. When I saw that final play (Tim Couch and a Hail Mary that @#$%ing worked), I jumped out of my chair and went "OH SHIT!" in front of a bunch of kids. I had some dads approach me, but when I told them what happened, they just about did the same thing.

And did you read today that the lateral-fest at the end of last year's Jaguars game was named the play of the year? All I can think of is, John...Carney...waah!

Haslett for Senate in 2016!

PusBoy said...

I think the biggest surprise in this whole story was that Ditka said he wasn't running because he wasn't sure his "ultraconservative views" would work for Illinois voters.

In all seriousness, how on Earth could a man who spent so much time with so many African American men be "ultraconservative?" I mean, honestly.

Ian McGibboney said...

I don't think Ditka's views are at all related to race. The simple fact is that he is a highly wealthy man with a ton of connections all over the country. He is also a successful restauranteur in an industry that generally prizes the training wage and efficiency over worker/customer satisfaction.

Ditka reminds me of Jack Kemp: probably not a bad guy and definitely not racist. His "ultraconservative" views might be purely economical.

Nick said...

First of all, John Carney is one of the best kickers in NFL history. Look, Morten Anderson missed his pivitol playoff kick a few years ago, yet, is he horrible? No, he is awesome because he saved the Saints' butts so many times.

Before blaming the whole season on Carney, how about Arron Brooks. Hell, he fumbled inside the opponent's redzone how many times? Granted his stats looked good, only because of one game against the Giants where he threw for 5 TD's and no picks against a poo-a** defense. Duce McAllister was the only guy on that offense who showed up to play every game.

Carney gets the blame, but how about a defense who couldn't stop anyone? How about Arron Brooks? And as far as Mike Ditka for Congress, only if he's the Ditka from the '86 Bears, to whip the a**es of liberals. If he's the Ditka from the Saints, no thank you. He would just do like most politictians, on both the Repub. and Dem. side, lay down, roll over, and play dead so that you might get re-elected next time. Anyone for a revival...on either side?