Friday, July 30, 2004

Brilliant moments in lexicography

Supporters of the Bush administration (at least those in the blogosphere) are constantly coming up with new and unique insults to describe liberals. You've seen many upon many on this page, and you can see them of course on any right-wing blog.

The latest among these creative epithets is "muckadoo." In the last 48 hours alone, I've been called a "muckadoo" on IMAO almost as many times as Bush has IQ points. So, naturally, I've been wondering what it means. Lo and behold, I've finally been bestowed an answer by the fine folk at Hello Infidels! According to that site's introductory post, "muckadoo" has legitimate etmylogical roots:

"You sick little muckadoo, ("Monkey see, monkey do" -Frank J. speak) don't you get it?!?!"

Aha! I KNEW it was a Frank term! In case you don't know, Frank is the almighty god of IMAO. He's the Rush Limbaugh of bloggers, a guy who can spawn off all manners of absurd terminology and who has a fawning fan base. If only I were that powerful! If Frank is the Rush of bloggers, then J.A. Olinger (the blogger behind Hello Infidels) is the Web's wannabe Michael Savage. His influences are quite obvious:

"I listen to the voice of sanity Mon-Fri, Michael Savage. He is the man!" [True fact: Michael Savage's last name is actually Weiner!]

He also pimps for "the lovely and talented Ann Coulter," as well as "the real son of Ronald Reagan, Michael Reagan (real because he embodies the former prez better than his son by the same name.) Though he was adopted, he is the true son of that great statesman, Ray-gun."

In the interest of fine grassroots debate, I'm always on the lookout for a true conservative weblog. If you are too, then check him out! You've been warned.


Anonymous said...

Thank you , sir. You are a great American, I don't care what your friends say about you.

Your still a stinkin' NAZI though. lol.

Thanks for the attention, I am loving it.

I will be sure to repay the kindness, on my blog.

I see Islamofascists.

-J.A. Olinger "the fine folk at Hello Infidels!"

Shannon said...

The Frank J. thing is hilarious. I actually came across a blog ABOUT him once. "Meta-dittos" instead of "mega-dittos?" Can't remember the URL, though.