Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Beating a dead horse

I know, I know...Lately I've been beating to death the point that conservatives are namecalling jerks uncaring of any opinion but their own. But, almost daily, I find a new blog that just continues to prove me right in spades:

Today's link is to a particularly excremental blog. How excremental? For one thing, its name is "Face It. I'm Right. You're Wrong. End of Story." This title is not tongue-in-cheek either; indeed, I failed to find even a trace of humor on this site. But that's not all! Its subtitle is "What more is there to say? Shut up, I don't even care." And true to that last statement, the blog does not allow comments. Nor is there any profile information; of course, who would take credit for this shitty blog?

But it's the entries that are the worst. They veer from agonizingly lenghty articles quoting hack right-wing think tanks to the usual "Michael Moore sucks because he's fat and unshaven" slop. He (too dumb to be a woman, for sure) apologizes for Bush's lack of intelligence by citing the lack of college degrees among liberal celebrities. One post even blames the popularity of file-sharing (and subsequent profit losses by those poor entertainment barons) on John Lennon!

To recap:

1) This site declares, "Face It. I'm Right. You're Wrong. End of Story."
2) The author says, "What more is there to say? Shut up, I don't even care."
3) No comments allowed
4) Posts are of the right-wing, fact-free, "liberals all suck" variety
5) The author is anonymous and apparently afraid to be held accountable

Yep, he's a good little conservative.

Note: The reason I'm mentioning this blog is because of my belief that you should always know your ideological enemy. I'm not about censorship, and I'm glad that blogs such as the one above exist. Yeah, I'm tearing him and his paranoid ways down; but I'm also linking to him twice. Furthermore, I wanted to preemptively declare that I did not set up that site as a joke, as much as it may seem like it. All hail freedom of speech!

Get your neocon kicks here.


Anonymous said...

I've enjoyed your series on this topic -- I'm glad someone else has noticed the trend.

What about the poll on this site:

And in our town, even! :)

Like, what's the point? I have read articles about bloggers being narccisists, but I don't think that's always the case. These far-out conservative right-wing blogs, however, seem to exist only for narccisistic, self-righteous reasons. What could one possibly learn from them?

Ian McGibboney said...


I just took the poll on farewell peace...yep, I'm an idiot! Thanks for the head-up.

If you think that's bad, look on's where the REAL narcissism is. Bush makes FP look as humble as Mother Teresa.

lissameanders said...

i agree. and to think that there are actually sheeple out there who would watch fahrenheit 9/11 and still vote for bush? i saw this really good bumpersticker on the road said: 'BUSH + DICK= FUCK. i did see one the other day that i liked even better, it said in large white letters on a red background: 'BE STUPID...RE-ELECT BUSH'

Ian McGibboney said...

We need some bumper stickers like that down here!

Ian McGibboney said...

lissameanders, I see that you're from Oregon. In the neighborhood next to mine, someone has a truck with Oregon plates. A sticker on the rear bumper says, "Gays, liberals, antigunners...use them for crash-test dummies"

Oregon...home to very interesting bumper stickers. And Steve Prefontaine, who by the way is very revered among the cross-country community here.