Monday, June 14, 2004

Another UL gripe

From a blurb in the June 9 Times of Acadiana:

The University of Louisiana at Lafayette launched its "Support Ragin' Cajuns" campaign with a bang last week...Hebert, athletic coordinator for UL, will be in charge of the campaign, which is accepting donations, though the signs are free.

"ALL MONIES DONATED WILL GO TO MAKING MORE SIGNS," Hebert says. "We believe that if the university thrives, the community will benefit."

Okay, so let me get this straight: we're launching a huge campaign to print signs to give away, and we're using the donations we do get to make more signs? How exactly is that supposed to raise money for us?

Oh, right. "It's good for business." My bad.


Nick said...


You're assuming that the "brains" behind this new marketing thing is using common sense. Much like you liberals, they're not. Of course, probably the same bunch of people who think that Nelson Jerksnyder is the best athletic director our university has ever scene. It takes how long to get our track equipment for the season? Who was hired as head football coach my freshman year? Who did not attend an event (our home track meet) which honored one of the best coaches this state has produced? Who's the reason why many business owners (like the guy for Captain Nutrition) would like to contribute to ULL athletics but don't?

Nick said...

Oh, and another question. The costume for that rediculous mascott of ours cost how much?

Ian McGibboney said...

I know one place the money apparently isn't teach people how to spell "ridiculous mascot."